When I reflect on my breastfeeding journey, I can wholeheartedly say that I would not have made it past the first couple of weeks without Chantelle's kind and patient support.

Breastfeeding is something I felt passionate about doing. However, it didn't come naturally to me and my son, an experience that I now understand many women go through. Chantelle's tips, suggestions and reassurance during those first few weeks helped me successfully breastfeed for nine months.

Her expertise isn't just limited to breastfeeding—she was consistently helpful during my pregnancy. She helped me better understand my choices when my birth plan didn't go according to plan, and I needed a c-section.

I cannot recommend Chantelle enough!


Where do I even start?! My breastfeeding journey wasn't always an easy one. My son lost a lot of birth weight, was jaundiced, and his tongue tie didn't get picked up for four weeks. I could say with complete confidence that I would have given up breastfeeding at some point in those first few weeks if it wasn't for Chantelle's help.

Whether it was technical questions about expressing, dealing with a painful latch, tips for clearing blocked ducts, or just emotional support every time I had crippling anxiety that I wasn't producing enough milk, Chantelle was there! I'm now ten months in, and honestly don't think I'd have got here without her.

Chantelle also gave me tons of practical information around weaning and helped as I tried to get help from my GP for my son's reflux. Chantelle's knowledge, empathy and passion are phenomenal.

I would recommend her services in a heartbeat!


I have recently had my second child. Once again, Chantelle has gone beyond her already high standards in being incredibly supportive and informative—giving me confidence in expected baby development and great information and helpful reminders on breastfeeding. My second child hasn't been the most content baby—unsettled with wind and unable to separate from me until recently. It's not been easy and has been exacerbated by being in a lockdown.

Chantelle supported me through breastfeeding my first child. She was incredible—keeping me going through the difficult times, and there were many, many times I could have stopped. I would text her at all hours, and she never failed to respond with her knowledge and tips. It certainly helped me continue breastfeeding, for which I am so grateful, so I didn't hesitate in using her services for a second time.

Chantelle's support has been so essential in lockdown with a crying newborn and a three-year-old still adjusting to life with their new sibling. It's brought emotional challenges, and Chantelle has undoubtedly given me strength through those. No question is insignificant, even if you are not sure whether to ask.

She strives to ensure that, if she doesn't know, she seeks the information for you. She is a fantastic, dependable doula, and I am so thankful and lucky to have had her along the roller-coaster that is motherhood.