Virtual Support

My virtual support service allows me to support you no matter where you are or what is going on in the world. I can provide virtual support antenatally, through birth, and postnatally.

Through my virtual support, I can offer a listening ear via phone, email or Zoom to discuss any anxieties or questions you may have about your options, the birth process, and parenting choices. We can have regular contact via scheduled Zoom sessions to discuss anything that may have come up in the meantime that you wish to go through.

During our sessions, I will share any evidence-based information relevant to you to help you make informed choices and help you and your partner put together a detailed birth plan, discussing options if circumstances change.

I can help you prepare for early parenthood by supporting you in putting together a post-natal plan that is just as important as a birth plan! I can be on call for your birth (from 38 weeks until the delivery) should you or your partner need to call or message during the labour process. You will also have around the clock messaging support on top of our scheduled sessions at no extra cost via text or WhatsApp.

I understand that everyone will want a different level of support and that this requirement can change, especially once your baby arrives, so I am entirely flexible. I offer a no-obligation phone call or Zoom session for us to discuss the level of support you may need.

Please get in touch to book an introductory session.

Virtual support is available from £15 per hour.

Each session can be up to two hours, and we can discuss tailored packages during your initial consultation.