About Me

My name is Chantelle, and I am a certified birth & post-natal doula based in Southampton. I am also a wife and a mother to two inspiring, beautiful girls.

Birth and parent well-being is something that I have been extremely passionate about since having my first child. I learnt that becoming a new parent can be extremely overwhelming at times.

Information you see, read and hear from others can, at times, engulf you with fear or leave you feeling bewildered. Is it evidence-based, or is it just personal experience? It can be hard to tell and difficult to decide what the right thing is to do for you and your family. I want to help alleviate these challenges and make new parents’ experience as easy and pain-free (physically and mentally) as I possibly can.

I firmly believe that everyone should be able to reach out and access additional birth and post-natal support. Whether that be arming yourself with knowledge, more support in labour for you or your partner, or with an extra helping hand in those first testing and tiring weeks.

So, in 2017, I started my journey in supporting families. I trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter and volunteered at local community centres. I then took some time out to focus on the girls but continued to support friends and family on their journeys. During this period, I decided to make it official and become a certified doula once the girls became a little more independent.

Fast forward to 2020, with both girls going off to school in the new year, I decided that it was the right time to start training. In 2021, through Nurturing Birth, I received my certification as a doula, and I’m excited to be on this journey with parents supporting them through the best and worst of times.